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A little about BEEF:

  • 7 on 7 Full Contact, NO PADS!
  • Full video coverage in HD (most states)
  • National and State Championships
  • Founded in 2006
  • Weekly show featuring all states

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Welcome to the TownBeef Football League

Does it eat away at you in the middle of the night?  There's an unmistakable fire that burns in the hearts and souls of football players across the country.  The need to compete, the need to elevate your self preserved warrior status.  Do you have questions?  Do you still wonder if you can?  Is it still burning?  Join Town Beef, the most competitive 7 on 7 tackle football league in the country!

To purchase the "Lost Files" please use the link below.  You may also purchase a pre-release ticket in person.  DVDs set to to be delivered summer 2015.  Price is $20 + $5 for shipping or you can pay at the games.


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